Plants in 1.7"pots and 2"pots


Gan Lin is proud to have received positive feedback on our plants from American clients. The varieties of Gan Lin collections are easy to grow and the plants’ growth rats is good. Our plants in 1.7"pots are more mature and the quality is superior to other suppliers’ from the world. With Gan Lin 1.7", our clients save much time and growing troubles in their nurseries.


Plants in 2.5"pots and 3"pots


Plants in 2.5"pots are the most popular and receive the highest demand in our industry. The beautiful plants in 2.5"pots save much time and space for clients, sparing about 6 months to a year when compared to the ones grown from 1.7"pots or flasks to 2.5"potted plants. Flexibility is another advantage of 2.5"potted plants in comparison with the plants in any other pot size. In fact, clients can have them either grow to be more mature plants or cooled right away after they receive the products, depending on the market demand, the cost, the conditions, etc.


Plants in 3.5"pots


Nothing is more captivating than our big, beautiful Phalaenopsis blooms. The size of 3.5"(12cm) potted plants is the largest, and they are the most mature that we produce in our nurseries. At Gan Lin, we grow our 3.5"potted plants from flask stage for up to 16 to 17 months. These plants give long-lasting blooms, having 2 flowering spikes and producing many flowers. The plants in such size are on the last stage before cooling. They simply save our clients much more time, money and space than the ones in any other size/stage.